Stone Henge

Stone Henge
Timeless and Awe Inspiring!

10 February 2010

The winter season presents many unique photography opportunities. I love the fresh fallen snow and sparkle in the air. The light and shadows create designs across the landscape.


  1. Nice work on your blog....Love It!!!! sure missed you at the meeting on Monday....Loved your images.....there sure were some fun shots to vote on.....we all agreed we will do an abstract theme again for sure....but next time everyone should bring the info explaining how it was done.....

  2. Yes you were so Right, the Rosehip shot is gorgeous in color.....Love your little Blue Jay as well. I see I'm already a follower of your blog now I need to get you to follow mine so I can click on your link more quickly....and then you will see on your Dashboard my postings....



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